Christmas Presents

As we won’t all be together at Christmas we are giving each other the Christmas present today and in old Dutch tradition we wrap these up in an extraordinary fashion (Dutch – Surprise). Which makes it fun to both wrap and unwrap.

Prue made a model of Sicily for Ileana.

Zandvoort Race Experience -2

Weather couldn’t be worse if it tried. Hotel kitchen is closed so no breakfast. When we get to the circuit at least they have some breakfast there. We are being put in groups and at least Luka, James and I are all in the same group so we go from event to event together.

The first event is single seater racing but been deemed to be too tall (so get 2 goes at the Porsche racing) so it’s just James and Luka.

We then continue with drag racing in Ford Mustangs, drifting, Porsche racing, driving on ice, off-road driving in a 4×4, hand-brake turns and karting. As all karts are the same I have a penalty of being the heaviest so come in last. James and Luka fighting for 1st place with James just beating Luka

A very enjoyable day but getting rather cold towards the end of the day. Glad we can get into a nice warm car and gdrive back to Roosendaal.

Zandvoort Race Experience -1

We’re off to Holland today for the Zandvoort race experience day James and Susanna gave to me for my 60th Birthday but unfortunately Covid meant we had to postpone several times. We are meeting James and Ileana in Kent and give them a lift to Holland.  We are at my brother’s at 5pm and meet up with Susanna and Luka and off to Zandvoort. Hoping to get a meal but due to Covid everything is shut so Thai take-away (delivered to hotel) is only option. Weather for tomorrow looks cold, wet and very windy!

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

It is time again for the annual panto performed by Haslingfield Little Theatre in the village hall. Every year we’re amazed that this group of dedicated amateur actors can put on such a good show. Aided in no small way by Prue who has designed and painted most of the stage set and also did the poster. A wonderful enjoyable evening and seeing so many people we know participating.

TwentyTwo Dinner


Booked a dinner tonight at TwentyTwo in Cambridge. Had to book this some time ago as they are very busy and they also have less tables due to covid. An excellent meal which was thoroughly enjoyed. We had the 7-course taster menu and presentation, flavours, service were as always top-notch.

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